"Fons vitae" Antonio Ievolella

02 ottobre 2020

The exhibition by Antonio Ievolella Fons vitae, hosted at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, will unfold in the spaces of the Chapel of San Bruno, the large cloister and the small cloister.
The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Campania Museums Regional Directorate and the Educational Services Office of the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, and is curated by Virginia Baradel, Valerio Dehò, Andrea Del Guercio.

The setting is inspired by water and so the 30 terracotta skins on suspended iron structures are real vases - aprons that make up the plastic form chosen by the artist as a recurring motif of the installations. The wineskin becomes a symbolic device that alludes to man and his uniqueness and, in particular, to the monk in his silent and voluntary isolation, even within a collective dimension. And if, according to Alberto Savinio, "Capri is one of the magnetic points of the universe", certainly this island is the perfect setting for Antonio Ievolella's exhibition.

“Fons Vitae is a complex installation, full of meanings. It is built as a kind of procession that proceeds from skin to skin penetrating the absorbed, luminous and sacred spaces of the Certosa di Capri.
It represents a culmination in the work of Antonio Ievolella who leads his art with it towards a happy synthesis between the solidity of the plastic form and the intimate transcendence of the symbolic form. Terracotta amphorae, wrapped in signs, and iron rods that hold them up; bodies that know gravity and linear decks that form a bridge to keep them suspended and make them move forward in the solemn silence of the cloisters ”, is how Virginia Baradel, curator of the exhibition, describes the project.

* Before attending the exhibition, inquire about the admission procedures in relation to the Covid-19 emergency and visit the official website of the event to confirm the dates and times.

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