Materia, forma, luogo

16 marzo 2006

Castel dell’Ovo opens to host a new and important exhibition event. The rooms, terraces and ramparts of this place, so significant for Naples, house the work of a contemporary sculptor, Antonio Ievolella, of Campania origins and training, but whose life and activity have led to live and work elsewhere. An opportunity therefore to get to know the artist who has committed himself to this event with a new production entirely originating from the dialogue with Naples and with the chosen site. Large installations that evoke, in an inexhaustible intertwining of curves and planes, the wind, the sea, the water, but above all man and his living and feeling.

The enhancement of Castel dell’Ovo finds in the exhibition function dedicated to contemporary art a new raison d'etre and becomes an even more visible and accessible point of reference for the public. One of the most famous and recognizable icons of the city is able to evoke the most distant origins of Neapolis, where the bare and austere stone establishes a privileged link with the colors and materials of Antonio Ievolella's art illuminated by the light and colors of the gulf .

Culture councilor Rachele Furfaro Administrators and citizens are aware that the future of the city does not rest in the vestiges of the past, but lives in them and from them draws renewed energies, passions and values ​​for our present and future generations. We also know, as Salvatore Settis recalled, that Italian citizens will be able to be guardians of their cultural heritage only "if they are animated by the awareness that the history, culture, identity of Italy and the small homelands that compose it are deeply imbued , irreversibly of the figurative culture that has grown with the language, literature, music, history, landscape, the image of our hundred cities. "

Visitors will be able to grasp the new cultural heritage in Castel dell’Ovo, next to the heritage monument inherited from the past. In thanking all those who worked for this exhibition I want to remember in particular Tommaso Ferrillo, to whom we owe the initiative, and the officials of the municipality who have worked hard, aware that the artistic opportunity gives prestige to their city and opens it to Italy and Europe. A heartfelt thanks to Antonio Ievolella who dedicated himself with great enthusiasm to this initiative for the city of Naples.